For centuries, cartoonists have used their pens to fight a war against war, translating images of violent conflict into symbols of protest. Now a new book will bring the greatest of these artists together in one place, presenting the ultimate collection of anti-war cartoons. Readers of The Great Anti-War Cartoons will find stunning artwork from the pens of Francisco Goya to Art Young, from Robert Minor to Ron Cobb, and from Honoré Daumier to Robert Crumb.

     Craig Yoe is the author and designer of over 25 books on popular culture including the Arf books on comics history (Fantgraphics), The Art of Mickey Mouse with an introduction by John Updike (Hyperion), The Art of Barbie (Workman), and many more. Yoe is the former VPGM/Creative Director of The Muppets, working closely with Jim Henson. Yoe was a Vice President Art Director for Disney. He was a Consulting Creative Director of Nickelodeon. Craig is currently an Adjunct Professor of Art at Syracuse Universtity. Yoe has won top industry awards including The Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators, The Addy for his MTV Station I.D. and the Will Eisner Award.

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     The Great Anti-War Cartoons will be at once somber and witty, moving and stunning, devastating and thought-provoking. The selected cartoons expose the universal paradoxes of war—the kind that plague our society even in the present day. The book will be 9" x 12" and 120 black and white pages.

     The Great Anti-War Cartoons will by published by the esteemed pubisher Fantagraphics in Spring of 2009.

Material is being solicited and welcomed from cartoonists, artists and historians. Cartoons are needed with a general anti-war, anti-bomb, pro peace slant. Cartoons depicting very specific politicians or events or strongly against a specific country are not in the scope of this book. Click on the slide show above to get a good idea of the type of material wanted.

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