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We Spoke Out: Comic Books and the Holocaust fascinates
as a time capsule of what Americans were able
or eager to imagine about the racism and profound violence of genocide!”
--New York Times

“Important and unfortunately timely!”

“Thought provoking!”
--School Library Journal

“Essential for the public good!”
--Jewish Book Council

“Brilliant and powerful!”
--Laughing Squid

“Very Impressive!”
--Jewish Voice

“Learn about this dark chapter of human history!”
--NewYork Post


Long before the Holocaust was widely taught in schools or dramatized in films such as Schindler’s List, America’s youth was learning about the Nazi genocide from Batman, X-Men, and Captain America. Join iconic artist Neal Adams, the legendary Stan Lee, Holocaust scholar Dr. Rafael Medoff, and Eisner-winning comics historian Craig Yoe as they take you on an extraordinary journey in We Spoke Out: Comic Books and the Holocaust.

We Spoke Out showcases classic comic book stories about the Holocaust and includes commentaries by some of their prestigious creators. Writers whose work is featured include Chris Claremont, Archie Goodwin, Al Feldstein, Robert Kanigher, Harvey Kurtzman, and Roy Thomas. Along with Neal Adams (who also drew the cover of this remarkable volume), artists include Gene Colan, Jack Davis, Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane, Bernie Krigstein, John Severin, and Wally Wood.

In We Spoke Out, you’ll see how these amazing comics creators helped introduce an entire generation to a compelling and important subject--a topic as relevant today as ever.


Hardcover: 280 pages
Release date: April 17, 2018
8.5 x 11 inches

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